New To The Area?

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New To The Area?

Dear Friends, Guests, Brothers and Sisters,

We want to say you are welcome to Hope Apostolic Faith Ministries (HAFM). We are always excited to meet new people.

If you’re wondering who we are, then stop by and ask us. On the surface, we are a non-profit organization with worship services, Bible studies and classes, ministries to people inside and outside of the church community, etc. At a much deeper level, however, HAFM and its congregation is here to offer the community an opportunity to grow spiritually. Our Ministry is here to uplift and encourage you as we share together in fellowship. So come and let your burdens be lifted, be comforted as the lord reveals His plan and purpose in your lives, be inspired, and be encouraged to become active and involved in one of the many ministries that this body has to offer.

But more importantly, HAFM welcomes you to just come and enjoy yourself. It is always a wonderful feeling to see familiar faces of friends and the faces of our guests. So when we say “Welcome”, we say it with all sincerity and a hint of southern hospitality. If you don’t believe us, then stop by and see for yourself. We’ll be here waiting with open arms and a warm smile.


Hope Apostolic Faith Ministries
“we preach the gospel as it is….to reach the people as they are”