Our History

The History of HAFM tells a story of love, humility, determination, and faith. From a small living room at 1310 S. Maple, to a one room humble structure at 4901 West Short 3rd Street, to a modern multiplex worship and educational campus at 5910 Carbon Street, HAFM’s 15 year journey has culminated into a season of bountiful praise and celebration. The HAFM band of saints remained faithful and never contemplated turning back or giving up as God’s leading hand always pointed toward the vision and all the while bestowing blessings of encouragement upon leadership. Pastors Julius and Charline Wright and the congregation of nearly 100 could not be more elated with their new facility. In preparing to finance their new edifice, the Wright’s sought the face of God before asking the church for money. Believing that God’s house is to be monetarily sustained by tithes and offerings as scripture commands, the Wright’s did not permit anything to be sold by the church. By staying humble and not wavering in their faith, HAFM was able to able to obtain a multiplex campus. Beautiful spacious sanctuary, classrooms in abundance, reading and study rooms, well- outfitted lounges for men and women, professionally equipped fellowship and banqueting hall along with ample parking have provided much reason, proof and occasion to praise God. The HAFM history can be summarized in Sister Wright statement:

“We love all of our people. They have been so faithful, generous and unwavering. We thank God for all of them. We could not have done this by ourselves. Thank you Jesus.”

HAFM Firsts

The first Sunday Praise & Worship Service marked the beginning of HAFM on October 22, 1995 at 9:55 with Elder Julius E. Wright, Sr. (pastor and founder) singing “Without Him I Would Be Nothing.” Elder Wright offered prayer.

The first Sunday School lesson was “Saul Becomes A Disciple”. There were nine members present. We were blessed with the presence of one visitor, Elder Boyd who had closing remarks. The Sunday School was closed by Elder Wright and Sis. Annis Wright was Secretary.

The first Christmas Program M.C. was Sis. Annis Wright and the guest musician was Bro. Kirk Freeman. The choir sung “Joy To the World” and “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”. The youth recitations included:

  • Michelle Gardner – “I’m Mary”,
  • Tiffany Jackson – “Long Ago and Now”,
  • Jarvis Wright – “What You Mean to Me”,
  • Rodney Wright – “Jesus Came To Earth”, and
  • Tocarra Wright – “A Christmas Prayer”.

The first Black History Program was held on February 25, 1996 with Dr. Marvin Caudle being the speaker. The youth performed a Dialogue titled “I Have a Dream”. Min. Glen Daniels did the Invocation and a solo. Bro. Julius Wright, Jr. sang the “Black National Anthem”. Sis. Dorothy Smith was baptized in Jesus Name.

The first Easter Program was held on April 7, 1996, The Youth recitations included a skit “Lives that Touched Jesus” that involved:

  • Michelle Gardener as the repentant thief,
  • Toccarra Wright as Barabbas,
  • Rodney Wright as Judas,
  • Jarvis Wright as Pilate, and
  • Towonda Miller was one of the Roman Soldiers.

Sis. Willie Jean Smith was the M.C. of the Easter Program.

The first Mother’s Day Program was held on May 12, 1996 the Youth performances included two dialogues “ Mother” and “Thanks To Mother”. Jarvis Wright performed “A Mother’s Problem”. Min. Glen Daniels gave the Spoken Word of the Day.

The first Shut-In Service was June 2, 1996. It began with 24 members present and ended with 19 in attendance.

The first Vacation Bible School was June 25–June 27, 1996 and ended with a Cook-out.

The first Baptism in Jesus Name was Bro. Daniel Johnson on February 11, 1996. The first year there were thirteen baptisms in Jesus Name and three received the Holy Ghost evidenced speaking in tongues as the Spirit gave utterance.

The first Anniversary Service was on October 13, 1997. The sermon was delivered by Min. Greg Kindle with 30 in attendance. And Sis. Annis Wright was not present due to illness with Strep Throat.